Follow the rules

Streaming Rules In Effect

    Anything that would get you banned from popular streaming sites (Twitch, Youtube, etc.) will get you banned from here.
    RobinHOOD Freeroam is proud to be a content creator friendly environment.


  1. Do not be a jerk

Non Gameplay / Discord Rules

  1. RobinHOOD Freeroam staff/owner willl NEVER ask you for any payment for ANY reason!
  2. Be aware of scammers! The custom vehicle script is a FREE github resource released by Silonugget - there is no payment necessary to download the Redm resource!
  3. Respect discord staff
  4. Put pet in #pets channel when you arrive to show ultimate respect! (:
  5. Spam is not cool
  6. Singleplayer mods are NOT in development by this team, we do NOT have a singleplayer version, sorry!

Misc Rules

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