How to Play

and Frequently Asked Questions


    You need to have a copy of RDR2 installed on your PC
    Launch the normal game at least once to avoid issues

Install RedM and Connect

  1. Download RedM: Visit the RedM website and download the client.
  2. Search for RobinHood Freeroam: Open the RedM client and click play to see the server list. Use the search bar to find "RobinHood Freeroam."
  3. Hit Connect and Play!: Once you find our server, click the "Connect" button. You'll be launched into the game world.

Game Basics

  1. Free Car: As a warm welcome, every new player gets a free car. Take it out for a spin and explore with your friends!
  2. No Mic or RP Required: Unlike some other servers, you don't need a microphone or have to role-play. Feel free to play the game your way.
  3. Survival Elements Optional: There's no need to eat or drink to keep your character alive. Focus on having fun instead.
  4. Create a Character: While RP isn't necessary, you will need to create a character. This is mainly for moderation purposes.
  5. Optional RP Elements: While you may not need to role-play all the time, there will be situations where a bit of role-playing can unlock cool items or unique experiences.

Final Tips




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